5 Europe’s most fairytale-like towns for 2019

From France to the Czech Republic, these old and picturesque destinations could enrich any romantic soul with aesthetic pleasure

The heritage of the Old Continent is full of treasures. Some places have managed to preserve their uniqueness in such a way it leaves visitors in an undeniable aww.

To inspire you how to fulfil your romantic dreams, I present you five best destinations that truly stand out as fairytale-like must-sees.

Colmar, France

Colmar looks just like it was tor out of a Disney movie - Pixabay fairytale-like 5 Europe's most fairytale-like towns for 2019
Colmar looks like it was just torn out of a Disney movie – Pixabay

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Now, this town in France’s region of Alsace appears as if it was just torn out of a Disney movie. Colourful and middle ages-like houses have been decorating the town centre for centuries.

The omnipresent canals, floral displays, outstanding wine selection and amazing cuisine make Colmar an unforgettable microcosm of the region.

Situated between Germany and Switzerland, just in the middle way between Strasbourg and Mulhouse, the town offers visitors an exciting glimpse of 1000-years history of western Europe.

The oldest building in town, the Adolf house, was allegedly built in around 1350 and thanks to the number of its renovations, it offers the mixture of an old gothic structure combining the elements from other eras.

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Telc, Czech Republic


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Everyone has heard of Prague, the jewel in the centre of Europe, but the tiny country of the Czech Republic has much more to offer.

Lying 160 km south-east from the capital, the town of Telč has gained the attention thanks to its quaint town centre.

The old Czech buildings on the main square are now under the UNESCO heritage and offer a silent refuge for anyone who is fed up with busy city life.
A chateau built in the renaissance style dominates the town and thanks to careful and conscientious owners, the interior of the building is practically untouched.

To absorb the middle-ages like atmosphere, stay over at the Apartmany Chornitzeruv dum, apartments situated in one of the historic buildings.

Stein Am Rhein, Switzerland


Close to the German borders in the north of Switzerland lies a delightful medieval town of Stein Am Rhein.

The more than a 1,000 years old town is famous for the preserved buildings in the centre that are decorated by frescoes.

Summer is the ideal time to visit this destination as locals tend to place flowers in the windows making the appearance of the location even more breathtaking. However, visit over Christmas is even more magical.

Located 300 metres from the town’s dominant, Monastery St. George, Hotel Rheingerbe offers the ideal refuge with a view over the local landmarks.

Alberobello, Italy


This town in the region of Puglia in southern Italy looks like a group of huge beehives scattered around a hill. The trulli, as the buildings are called, brought the town the recognition of UNESCO world heritage.

The story behind these houses couldn’t be more Italian. They were built in the manner to fiddle taxes and fool the authorities.

Count Acquaviva, local feud lord, assembled cheap labour and moved his peasants to the area to get rid of the forests and to make the land more agriculture-friendly. But to avoid the taxation requirements, the settlement couldn’t be listed as inhabited.

The place wasn’t officially recognised as a town until 1797 and the choice of building and living in the trulli was just for one reason only – so that the locals could dismantle the houses in no time.

To experience the beehive lifestyle, book yourself a night at the 16 Trulli e Giardini , a hotel built in one of the unique constructions.

Portree on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Scotland itself is a land interwoven with mythology. Unicorns, kelpies and giants left their traits wherever you place your footsteps.

But the Isle of Skye can take this background to the max with a little village of Portree being the capital of this area in many senses. The folklore is so engraved in this place, that various locations bear the name fairy as their most recognisable element.

Pass over the Fairy Bridge just a few miles away from Dunvegan Castle, visit the Fairy Glen with its strange stone circles and grassy mounds and take a sip from the waterfalls of the Fairy Pools.

But maybe, take a sip of local whisky instead. It’s the real scotch!

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