Journalist and content marketing specialist

Content creation and copywriting

Articles, blog posts, guide books, social, product description, and much more!

Digital marketing

Facebook ads, online presentation, SEO, and email marketing

Online presentation

High-speed WordPress websites with the extra drop of UX experience.

Topics that make a difference

Heard of anything amazing lately? Or something totally crazy? Don’t hesitate to reach out! I simply love to spread the word about anything that matters and makes anyone think. 

Spread the word

Writing kick-ass content is only half of the journey in the digital world we live in. Would you like to have more people know about all the amazing stuff you’re into?

About me

I’m OK, or Ondřej Koraba if you will, and Im a freelance journalist and content creator.

My whole life, I’ve been revolving around something specific for us human beings – words and stories.

Writing is my passion and so is finding a way how to gather as many eyes as possible to my content.