Domů >> From copywriting to content marketing, these are Ondřej Koraba’s main projects

From copywriting to content marketing, these are Ondřej Koraba’s main projects

For years, my number one activity was Stories. But there is way more from the content and social media marketing fields I enjoy

My projects:

For years, I was working for a revolutionary travel company — Over time, I moved around a few different positions but my vision always remained the same — to raise’s brand awareness through various channels. The whole journey helped me to gain an immense amount of skills and experience. And now, I am using the acquired expertise in other projects.

My last position was Digital Content Manager and my main task is to oversee publishing activities on various content platforms and social media accounts.

Apart from Stories — an online travel magazine with around 300,000 readers per month for which I wrote more than 600 articles — I was also managing the production process on’s B2B news platform, as well as its media room

Besides, I focus on SEO and overall performance optimization of our platforms.

Full-time during the day, freelance at night

I have been focused on written communication since my secondary school years. I started working freelance during my university years and as a part of my activities, I have been cooperating with various companies from different fields.

I have a lot of experience with scientific articles, as well as financial journalism, world affairs, or technology. But I do love me some light-minded lifestyle articles, traveling, or even simple fun without any particular niche.

I write in both American and British English, I am a native Czech, and I have experience with French.

Some of my most important partners were companies focused on smart cities and travel technology, Cross Zlínand Incinity.

For both, I was working on translations and publications aiming at transportation technology specialists. 

Before my experience, I was working as a senior editor for a financial news-oriented website Born2Invest where I spent the time monitoring and creating business and finance news.

In my free time, I assist Lucie Haart, an artist for whom I have created a website using WordPress and I operate as her representative in any form of communication.

My current passion is also the online magazine Squeekly, in which we cover all kinds of topics.

If you wish to cooperate with me, do not hesitate to reach out at